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CCTV installers in Penrith

National Security Solutions Pty Ltd offers a 24/7 video/ CCTV remote monitoring service  and we are among the Best CCTV monitoring companies that provides  its services to residential commercial and industrial clients throughout Australia. The primary advantage of an online surveillance system like this is that it is operational around the clock. By availing yourself of our best home CCTV monitoring service or wall-mounted CCTV monitor, you will be free of any worry/concerns regarding home security. For outdoor security management, get our marvelous wireless outdoor camera with a monitor. To protect indoor, you can book today our top-class indoor camera monitor.

Our real-time video surveillance security camera system allows a single person to man several screens simultaneously. This eliminates the need to deploy a security guard in every room, floor, or premise/location. Because of our live surveillance, we can witness ongoing suspicious or criminal activity and help law enforcement agencies detain the culprits. Hence, you don’t need to think any more about CCTV camera installation and maintenance, as we will serve you.

CCTV installers in Penrith

This is another powerful feature offered by National Security Solutions Pty Ltd that allows us to monitor your sites live 24/7. Because of it, we conduct remote surveillance tours through your sites across Australia as it enables us to access your current video system. With the later model’s best CCTV monitoring equipment, we can also set up “Virtual Trip Wires”. This allows the camera to pick up movement that starts a camera image to open on our operator’s screen and alert our CCTV operators to an incident. We send you security alerts and images by SMS and/or email from our automated surveillance system.

*In most cases, we can monitor your system. However, it depends on the type of equipment installed.

Remote Cam

This smartphone app allows you to view a live feed of your complete surveillance system anytime on your e-devices.

False Alarm Detection

Many companies face false alarm issues at their facilities, resulting in wasting crucial time on unnecessary investigations. Bugs, trees/leaves, shadows, reflections, lights, wind, and weather can cause false alarms. National Security Solutions Pty Ltd. uses advanced AI technology to reduce the number of false alarms significantly. Our advanced AI cloud-based false alarm filtering technology reduces false alarms by up to 90%. National Security Solutions Pty Ltd’s video monitoring software focuses on triggering genuine alarms. This includes real human activity, like identifying a person walking through a construction site, vehicle movement on-site, and additional related activities.

CCTV installers in Penrith

Our video monitoring and CCTV Central Monitoring system software also focuses on filtering out false alarms. This includes changing weather, like lightning, animal activity, vehicle movement outside the area of interest, and other related activities.

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We provide quick and efficient CCTV monitoring services. These include traffic surveillance camerasprofessional security camerashome monitoring systems in Eastern Suburbs, & much more. Do you want to gain the trendy and top-class services of CCTV monitoring companies in the CBD? You can contact us to get worry-free security services with well-organized plans. Because of an enhanced CCTV remote monitoring concept, we have adopted the best possible remote surveillance strategies. And we render our services exceptionally. 

Whenever there is a need, we can take immediate action by controlling everything before letting the devastation of anything. These are the techniques that assist us in taking security system monitoring services towards another level of excellence. Our home monitoring cameras in the Shire & all other commercial security cameras in Penrith are designed in a way that they are ready to serve you 24/7 with no hindrance. The cost-effective security plans are the plus point that our clients can avail of!    

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We provide Virtual CCTV and surveillance services in different cities:

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