24/ Hour Answering Service

24 Hour Virtual Telephone Answering Service.


Think about it, how many calls you take each day that are a complete

Our services are available 24/7/365 so you can rest assured we will answer your calls even in the middle of the night. Our bilingual agents are trained to handle both calls and messages professionally no matter the hour or day.

  • 24 Hours a Day:
    We work around the clock, day and night, to ensure that not one call is missed no matter the hour.
  • 7 Days a Week:
    Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday too! We’ve got your calls covered all week long.
  • 365 Days a Year:
    No matter the holiday, we will answer your phones so you can take the time off.

DEDICATED 24 HOUR CONTROL ROOM & Virtual telephone Answering Service

Our 24 Hour ems control room & Virtual Telephone Answering Service is a dedicated control room that plays a pivotal role within our firm and forms the center of our security operations. This is where all the very important information is received and processed. Based on the information received, our alarm monitoring software and trained control room monitoring operators will communicate the relevant instructions directly to our armed reaction unit. Our control room not only actively monitors and manages all alarm radio signals it receives on a 24 hour bases, it also provides the necessary assistance in the event of an alarm trigger or in the event of an emergency by dispatching the required assistance directly to your premises for assistance such as our armed reaction unit, EMS Services, Fire Brigade Services, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Ambulance, and / or Ambulance Paramedic Services directly to your premises. The critical care paramedic will maintain tertiary-level care for the patients. 

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Our team will provide a free, on site evaluation of your property. We will recommend a design with the equipment that will best meet your needs.


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