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24 Hour Security Control Room Monitoring

Best 24 hour security control room monitoring in Australia

National Security Solution offers the best 24 hour security control room monitoring in Australia. Our team is one of the most active, so you can be sure your safety is in safe hands.

National Security Solution Australia helps you keep your premises, office and home secured anywhere at any time. Wherever you are in your smartphone, our team is with you to give away their expertise to ensure the security intrusion does not disturb your family or endeavour.

Security you can rely on

We are a well-established and trusted name in the industry. We offer top-notch service with a dedicated crew that is active 24/7, so you can be sure to get help as soon as you need it.

Peace of mind, just a click away

Don’t worry about having to stay up all night to keep an eye on your property — our state-of-the-art surveillance system will do the job for you, and we even have app for that!

We’re always watching

With 24/7 cameras and active monitoring, we’re your eyes and ears. You’ll never need to worry about your property, pets or family again.

We work for you

With our new state-of-the-art monitoring system, we’ll be able to monitor all areas of your property – all the time. With so many features and services, you’ll be able to see everything that’s happening with your property.

Secure in seconds

We know security is a top priority for you. That’s why we offer the best security control room monitoring in Australia – from our cutting edge technology and active 24/7 crew, to our affordable rates!

Real-time alerts

You will never miss a thing with our 24/7 Virtual Monitoring. You’ll get alerted as soon as something goes wrong in your premises – be it burglary, fire, or gas leak.

All day surveillance

We offer the best surveillance coverage – all day and night! You can rest assured that we will secure your premises with our high tech equipment.

Security Control Room


One of the biggest advantages we have over our competitors is that our 24-hour security control room is in Australia. Local people operate it who know and understand the area well.

If you are thinking of signing up with a national or international security firm, then you need to deal with their control room operators in another country. And in most cases, they only operate an administration office in Australia.

This has many disadvantages, especially in a situation you require help as soon as possible. But their operators do not know the area or they are hard to understand and cannot understand the directions to your premises.

In most cases, we transfer you to another operator when time is the priority. Our control room operators, management, and reaction officers are all can fully assist you if required to do so.


As part of our operations within our 24-hour control room, we monitor selected client premises via our Live Remote CCTV Surveillance System. Our CCTV operators monitor your assets, customers, and staff whilst you sleep, work or play 24/7. As a result, our CCTV operators can detect a suspected activity and send forces there before something bad happens. If the situation becomes more serious, our CCTV operators will dispatch emergency services for further help.


Our dedicated 24 Hour control room operates and manages our Advanced “Auto Dispatch” software. As it is an advanced 24-hour alarm monitoring and Auto Dispatch system that never sleeps. Hence, in the event of an alarm signal received, it automatically sends instructions to dispatch security officers to your premises. As this cuts out, not just the dispatch time. But it prevents human error from delaying a response to any premises. If the system is unable sometimes, our operators can dispatch a security officer to you via our 2-Way Radio communication system.


Our Security Control room monitoring also helps manage our security guards on a 24-hour basis. Each property that we guard has access to our 24-hour radio communication devices and communicates with all our guards hourly. On selected properties/sites, depending on our customer’s security requirements, we monitor live our security guards. We tackle it via our Live Guard Monitoring hardware and software.


All our staff is well-trained and registered with the Security Regulating Authority as required by law. For more 24 Hour Monitoring Services visit the website: Reddington Security Service

See it for yourself

Experience the best security control room monitoring in Australia. No matter how large or small your business, 24-7, we are always here to ensure maximum security for your company and its assets.

24/7 monitoring cameras

National Security’s state-of-the-art and high definition security cameras allow us to offer 24/7 monitoring of everything from your office to warehouse and distribution center.

Unlimited access

With National Security, you have unlimited access to your virtual control room, allowing you to know what’s happening at every minute of the day no matter where you are.

Actual security guards

National Security employs professional security guards who are always on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are either on site or live on the premises of each customer location at all times.

The best in Security Control Room Service

We provide the world-leading security technology and services to over 500 inbound customers.

Live Cameras

As a leading National Security Solution company in Australia, we surpass our competitors with always-on live cameras and high-definition recordings. These allows emergency responders to make instant decisions based on state of the art data, so potential threats are neutralized swiftly and efficiently.

Realtime surveillance closely monitoring the area.

Extra layers of protection are often crucial when it’s comes to defending your property. We offer defensible strategies that guard your operations against a wide range of preventable risks.

Smarter response in emergency situations.

24/7 Virtual Monitoring covers emergencies early on before they have time to escalate and become major incidents. The closer we are to your institution means the better resource available for you when it matters most.

Break-in alarms activate security system

Making sure your safety is priority: able for escape with ease or ensure that intruders don’t breach important areas such as gates, entrance, access points when accepting deliveries.

Catch everything

Sophisticated and flexible camera monitoring, such as PTZ control, intelligent tracking, and advanced viewer to enable teams to monitor what matters for security.

Can you catch everything?

With our flexible camera monitoring system including PTZ control, intelligent tracking, a powerful smart monitor tool to work with right of your control panel- nothing shall go unnoticed on your watch. Switch between views effortlessly at no time in live video transmission (timeline viewing) mode. Do you have the sharpest watchman’s eyes? Let our remote operators keep guard so you can chase away those niggling worries over anything while they are doing their job well to catch anything that may get past your

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Our team will provide a free, on site evaluation of your property. We will recommend a design with the equipment that will best meet your needs.


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